Windrush 2024

Mark your calendars! To honour the Windrush Generation this year, Lambeth council, in partnership with The Brixton Project and The Friends of Windrush Square, will be hosting a weekend of events on 22 and 23 June.

Building on the success of Lambeth’s first Windrush procession last year, the Brixton Project is thrilled to gather Brixton’s diverse community around the theme of “Passing the Baton”.

On Saturday 22 June, bring a picnic and enjoy an afternoon of intergenerational storytelling, performances, and family activities hosted by local creative practitioners. It will be a day filled with rich cultural experiences, community bonding, and the sowing of seeds for a future that honours our past while looking forward with hope and unity.

On Sunday 23 June, The Friends of Windrush Square will be holding its annual Big Caribbean lunch from 12pm to 7pm. The event will bring together elders from the Windrush generation, and their descendants, for food, music, fun and storytelling. There will also be support available for those people trying to access the Government’s Windrush Compensation Scheme and those in need of Citizenship support.

Tickets have now sold out for the Big Caribbean Lunch, but you can click here to join the waiting list.

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