Brixton BID Launches Urban Spaces Manual

The Brixton Business Improvement District (BID) represents over 700 businesses across the town centre. We provide additional services to support the development of the local economy in a number of key areas such as security, the environment, and marketing. With our historic street markets and open spaces, bustling high street and burgeoning night-time economy, our mission is to support Brixton’s growth as a premier London destination.

The Brixton Urban Spaces Manual presents a number of inspiring propositions to support the vision of a cleaner, greener, and culturally vibrant public realm. Our aim is to welcome increasing numbers of businesses, visitors, and residents to Brixton.

The Manual includes the following key components:

• People and Places: Understanding the challenges in championing our distinct character and heritage, at a time of rapid and exciting development.
• The Vision: a connected approach for our urban spaces, building upon the work of previous studies, highlighting the ambition for an enhanced public realm, better wayfinding and increasing opportunities for walking and cycling through the town centre. This will help to deliver our overall vision for Brixton as a thriving destination in which to invest, work, live, shop, and dwell.
• Design Propositions: An inter-linked series of small-scale public realm proposals and opportunities for investors, the Council and other partners to make as part of the Future Brixton Masterplan.

The Manual has been prepared by OutDesign for the Brixton BID. The BID has developed the propositions to kick start further conversations and to develop the interventions through consultation and co-production with local stakeholders and key partners such as Lambeth Council, the Greater London Authority, Transport for London, local residents and businesses. It provides a flexible framework for funders, creative partners and stakeholders to guide the incremental delivery of numerous design propositions over the short, medium and long term; and at various funding levels. The Brixton BID will support or collaborate with partners to ensure the successful delivery of the overall vision.

To see the full Urban Spaces Manual, click here.