Turtle Bay is ringing in 2023 with the power of the plant as they celebrate their huge vegan menu – one of the biggest and most vibrant plant-powered offerings on the high street. Whether guests are challenging themselves to Veganuary this New Year, are full time vegans or just want to make 2023 the year they take more steps towards cutting back on meat and dairy, Turtle Bay is a great place to start. With 15 vegan dishes across its menu, plus 20 stunning vegan rum-based cocktails Turtle Bay invites guests to enjoy a totally plant-powered celebration.

Turtle Bay’s extensive vegan offerings are inspired by the traditional origins of a Rastafarian “Ital” diet – the sustenance of natural foods grown from the earth, to increase liveliness.

From morning to sundown guests can embrace the plant-based way of life at Turtle Bay kicking off with the Big Vegan Grill Down, Turtle Bay’s vegan favourite – Caribbean-inspired take on a full English breakfast. Alternatively, vegans won’t miss out on any of the fun with the Vegan Yardbird – the ultimate meat and dairy free brunch option. A soft bara roti stack is served with a chicken style patty, topped with avo, maple syrup, refreshing watermelon and a slight kick of hot sauce. These brunch dishes can also be enjoyed during Turtle Bay’s infamous Bottomless Brunch, alongside Turtle Bay’s vegan cocktail offerings. Other vegan favourites at bottomless brunch include the Sweetcorn Roti Roll, No Moo Burger and Vegan Mother Clucker Burger.

For lunch and dinner there’s the heartier (but still super fresh!) options of the Organic Tofu Buddha Bowl and Curry Aubergine to choose from. Those wanting a light bite instead can opt for Sweetcorn Fritters, crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside – sweetcorn, onion and chilli, topped with tangy pickled pink onions, fresh mango mole and a kick of hot sauce, or the Trini Doubles, soft bara roti topped with curried chickpeas, cucumber chutney, shredded coconut and slight hot sauce.

Four out of the six sweet treats on the menu are also 100% vegan, including the Chilli Chocolate Brownie, which can be served alongside specially made vegan ice creams. There’s vanilla for those wanting to keep it classic, as well as creamy coconut and salted caramel.

Turtle Bay’s cocktails are not only legendary, but a whopping 20 out of the 24 tried-and-triumphed collection are also vegan friendly. From the TB classic Reggae Rum Punch (Wray & Nephew, strawberry, grenadine, lime, pineapple & bitters), to newer additions Jamrock Punch (Gin, passionfruit, strawberry, apple, grapefruit & fresh lime) and Tobago Tea (Duppy White, vodka, tequila, gin, grapefruit, mango & fresh lime), as well as creamy classics with a twist like the Koko Kolada (Koko Kanu, white rum, fresh coconut & pineapple) or Coconut Espresso Martini (Dark rum & Tia Maria, coconut & cold brew coffee), all guests can enjoy the majority of the cocktails, 365 days of the year.

Turtle Bay has also launched a no-strings attached £10 gift, which is running from 3rd January – 16th February and can be retrieved by downloading the Turtle Bay app. Guests can spend their £10 gift on anything they like – perfect for those wanting to make healthier lifestyle choices for themselves and the planet on a tight January budget.

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