Towards Vision Zero with CRP

Cross River Partnership (CRP), a non-profit and impartial partnership organisation, is excited to announce the launch of its latest report – Towards
Vision Zero: Guidelines to help Local Authorities in the development of Road
Danger Reduction Strategies and Action Plans. Vision Zero was initially pioneered in Sweden in the 1990s, and in 2018 the Mayor’s Transport Strategy set out the goal to achieve Vision Zero by 2041. This report sets out guidelines for achieving Vision Zero, which is defined as all deaths and serious injuries eliminated from London’s transport network. This report is aimed at the public sector, place makers and built environment professionals.

The report analyses collision trends and patterns across the 10 central London boroughs of the Transport for London-funded Central London Sub Regional
Transport Partnership (CLSRTP), to provide a clear picture of the current road safety context in central London. The report also investigates the effectiveness of recent road safety schemes and infrastructure interventions through 10 case studies across London.

The case studies examine differing typologies, interventions and locations. Design, financial and safety recommendations are generated from these case studies. All case studies witnessed reductions in the number of collisions and/or in the proportion of Fatal and Serious incidents.

A key finding is that ambitious action will be required to achieve Vision Zero, drawing on a mix of measures that will need to be tailored to each location. The report provides recommendations by theme, including pedestrian priority, cycle facilities, powered two-wheelers, speed, freight vehicles, behavioural change and public transport, as well as emerging areas such as temporary schemes and traffic management.

This report has been developed as part of the Central London Sub-Regional
Transport Partnership (CLSRTP), a collective of senior transport officers and directors from 10 London boroughs who provide strategic advice for, and on behalf of, Transport for London (TfL). The report has been prepared by leading transport consultants Steer.

“Steer have produced a thorough and detailed report that aligns with Cross River Partnership’s ambition to make London a safer place. The key issues identified are a celebration of the successes of the ten case studies in moving towards achieving Vision Zero. Furthermore, the report provides insightful statistics and recommendations tailored to the nine theme areas.”

David Sutanto, Associate Director, Steer, said “Steer’s road safety team is pleased to have developed this important report, which would not have been possible without the collaboration we received from Cross River Partnership, several boroughs and Transport for London. We hope that the case studies and recommendations in the report will help to inform actions that will meaningfully tackle the road safety challenge in central London.”

CRP Project Officer Eleanor Marshall

Read the full ‘Towards Vision Zero: Guidelines to help Local Authorities in the
development of Road Danger Reduction Strategies and Action Plans’. For more information about the Central London Sub-Regional Transport Partnership, please contact CRP Sustainable Transport Manager, Ross Phillips –

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