Helping you tackle food waste

Brixton has long been one of heartbeats of British food culture. From market stalls, to independent shops – Brixton is famous for producing amazing food. In the lead up to Stop Food Waste Day 2022 on  28 April, we are partnering with Too Good To Go to raise awareness and help our businesses find solutions.

Too Good To Go want to work with local businesses to ensure none of your produce goes to waste, whilst attracting customers and saving costs. This initative will help Brixton’s businesses with their produce management and support you to find a home for any unsold food. Saving one ‘Magic Bag’ from being wasted saves 2.5kg of CO2e – the same as would be produced by charging 320 smartphones.

Through this initiative any Brixton BID members who signed will exclusively get the admin fee waived for their first year.

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