Timed waste collections

The London Borough of Lambeth has introduced a timed waste collection service in town centres to:

  • Keep the main shopping areas waste free
  • Reduce the amount of illegally dumped waste
  • Maintain a cleaner, safer environment for people living, working and shopping in our town centres.

Brixton collection times are as follows:


  • Between 7am and 8am, Monday to Sunday
  • Between 5.30pm and 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday
  • No collection on Sunday evenings


  • Between 7am and 8am, Monday to Saturday
  • There will be no evening collections Monday to Saturday
  • Recycling will not be collected on Sundays for all areas

All businesses have a duty of care to ensure that all commercial waste is stored and disposed of properly. This means that all businesses must have a waste contract either with the council or with a private licensed waste contractor. We have negotiated lower cost waste collection for Brixton businesses with First Mile, you can access these by contacting First Mile (hannah.goldsmith@thefirstmile.co.uk).

If a business currently uses bins and/or bags that are stored on and collected from private land (not visible from the public highway), such a business will not need to do anything differently. However, if a business uses a bin that is stored on the public footpath or road, they will need to change to a bag contract.

If a business has a contract with a private licensed waste carrier, that business must inform its contractor that the London Borough of Lambeth has timed collections in place.

Any waste left on the street after that time must be brought back inside the business to be presented at the next suitable time band. Failure to comply may incur a fixed penalty notice or fine.