Three things you can do now before the Cost of Trading Announcement

As we await the Government’s announcement on business support in response to the Cost of Trading crisis (expected Thursday 22 September at 9.30am) we are sharing three tips from Michael Kill,  CEO of Night Time Industries Association (NTIA).

1. Look at your business’ energy efficiency.

By looking at the energy efficiency of your business, you could be looking at savings between 10 – 20%. This can including switching plugs on and off or changing to more energy efficient bulbs.

2. Write to your MP.

The more individuals who write the their local MP, the quicker MPs will have evidence to present in parliament. NTIA have provided templates for this which can be found here.

3. Budget.

Michael recommends that regardless of the government support announcements, businesses should budget for a 300% increase in costs. Alongside this businesses should prepare for duty increases in 2023 and SFE license increases by PPL.

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