The Great Brixton Christmas Giveaway

The Great Brixton Giveaway arrives in local independent coffee shops this December!

Purchase hot drinks from Brixton Blend, Balance Café, Caya, Café Rio, F.Mondays, Papas Park, The Laundry or Volcano and fill a special stamp card. Once you have collected 6 stamps you will win a goodie bag.

Each goodie bag contains limited-edition items specially designed, including a Brixton reusable rCup, a notebook made of recycled paper cups and a packet of Brixton-based Volcano coffee.

Tag us across social media as you collect stamps and share your gifts.

Brixton Limited Edition rCups

Terms & Conditions 

  • Participating coffee shops only*.
  • Valid until 24th December 2020 or until stocks last (up to 700 goodie bags)
  • The goodie bag is comprised of limited-edition items: Brixton rCup, notebook made of recycled paper cups, packet of Brixton-based Volcano coffee and pen. RRP is £30. 
  • To claim your free goodie bag, customers must hold a valid stamp card with six verified stamps obtained at any participating shops. 
  • Collect your stamps from any participating coffee shops by purchasing any hot drinks.
  • Only one goodie bag per person is allowed.
  • Goodie bags are fully managed by the independent coffee shops at their discretion.
  • Due to COVID-19 safety measures, no returns or exchanges will be accepted.
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