The Brixton Academy Reopens

This month, Brixton’s O2 Academy reopens, with a number of test events. Since its closure in December 2022, we have campaigned for a safe and prompt reopening of the venue and we are pleased to see that it has now welcomed back patrons. Our night-time economy is the largest nationally by proportion, and with the reopening of the Academy, we hope to see it return to previous levels of spending and entertainment. 

Chief Executive of the Night-Time Industries Association Michael Kill said: “Brixton Academy has consistently held a special place in the hearts of music aficionados, and its cultural significance is immeasurable. We have consistently advocated for its safe reopening, and today we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to ensuring its continued success as a safe hub for live music and nightlife. It is important to recognise at this point the immense efforts made by all parties to ensure a safe and successful reopening, as well as establishing a new operating best practice for safety within licensed and performance spaces across the UK.”

Brixton Academy has begun its reopening with test gigs at a 50% capacity. The venue was granted its license with 77 additional conditions which the venue has met.

The reopening of the Brixton O2 Academy, has already had positive impacts on some of Brixton’s local hospitality businesses. The Premier Inn (A Good Night Guaranteed) are already charting an increase in occupancy, with guests looking forward to savouring Brixton’s varied night life, in our renowned bars, clubs and restaurants.

Gianluca Rizzo, our Managing Director added: ‘’It is exciting to see the Academy finally reopening its doors after our campaigning efforts to ensure a safe and prompt reopening of this iconic venue. We are aware that businesses operating in the evening and night time economy are having massive challenges due to the pressure of the cost of living and cost of trading crisis.

However, we can finally celebrate some good news for the local economy with thousands of visitors and attendees now coming back to Brixton to enjoy a safe night out. An early study we commissioned shows that the economic impact of the Academy in the Brixton’s economy is significant with over half a million pound per week being spent.

Whilst big challenges lie ahead of us, by working together we can ensure Brixton continues to be a destination for all “

See the upcoming line-up for gigs here.

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