Temporarily operating as a takeaway

The government has advised that all pubs, restaurants and cafes should no longer be open for on-site consumption but under new planning legislation can provide takeaway food (A5 use class).

The government has published a new ‘Permitted Development Right’ to enable this. It allows these types of premises to provide prepared hot or cold food, for collection or delivery, for consumption off the premises – without the need for planning permission.

In order to benefit from this right and operate as a takeaway you must first inform Lambeth Council that you plan to do this.

Please email planning@lambeth.gov.uk and foodhealthandsafety@lambeth.gov.uk with the subject line ‘Notification of temporary operation as hot food takeaway’

Your email must include:

  • The address of the site to be operated as a takeaway
  • Confirmation of the previous use of the premises
  • Details of the proposed operation, including which parts of the building/land will be used and the proposed hours of operation.
  • The date you propose to start and end the take-away operation (the government has permitted such use up until 23 March 2021)

It is important to note that this new legislation allows businesses to operate in this way until the 23 March 2021 – before which such use must cease.

Unfortunately, if you are not currently operating as a lawful pub, restaurant or café, you cannot take advantage of this – and will need to apply for planning permission as per normal.

Source: Lambeth Council

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