Say Maaate to a Mate

Phase two of the Mayor of London’s Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) campaign, ‘Say maaate to a mate’, launched 21 July 2023.

Last year’s ‘Have a Word’ campaign influenced men to change their behaviour and call out misogyny. It was viewed more than 15 million times, and 85% of men who saw the campaign said they would call out misogyny if they witnessed it. So now, the Mayor’s launched phase two, which provides men with a simple everyday intervention to adopt – ‘Say maaate to a mate’ when their behaviour towards women crosses the line. Newly commissioned research shows that many men still don’t know how to call out misogyny when they see it. 

‘Say maaate to a mate’ is created based on insights from a behavioral science study commissioned by the Mayor and shows how this one word can prevent low-level misogyny in male groups of friends, without damaging relationships.     

As part of this campaign, the Mayor launched an interactive film that will help men test and understand when and how to intervene in instances of misogyny. Directed by Koby Adom (Top Boy), the film demonstrates multiple scenarios of casual misogyny that are too often left uninterrupted and gives viewers the opportunity to intervene. 

VAWG Say Maaate to a Mate Interactive Video Trailer

For more information, please visit the campaign website now.

For more on this story you can also read the Mayor’s full press release here.

We can all play a role in stamping out misogyny and preventing violence against women and girls. Please share with your networks, colleagues, friends, acquaintances and help spread this crucial message. 

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