Help us save the O2 Academy Brixton.

‘Brixton Academy is one of the most iconic music venues in the UK and beyond. Whilst artists dream about performing in Brixton, our business community is proud to be home of such a venue. Not only is it one of our key cultural destinations, the Brixton Academy contributes positively to the local economy as well as opportunities for our community. We stand by the Brixton Academy.’

Gianluca Rizzo, Managing Director of Brixton BID

The venue is undeniably a huge part of the cultural tapestry of the UK, the cultural heritage that this performance space represents and the millions of people’s lives that have been touched by it over the course of it’s existence, is exceptional.

We need the industry to stand up, work alongside us, the Night Time Industry Association and Save Our Scene to champion a campaign to show the importance of this business and protect this space by submitting representations of support to Lambeth Council.

Over the course of the last few weeks, the Night Time Industry Association has seen just under 100,000 people petition to keep the Brixton Academy open, thanks to the amazing work of Stuart O’Brien, but we want to make sure that we safeguard its future.

In order to stop this happening we need to get as many representations to Lambeth Council by Midnight on Monday 15th May.

A letter for representation has been formulated, the process is very simple and only takes 30 seconds to complete.


  1. Click the link below to access letter.
  2. Complete your name and address details (for Lambeth Council to verify the representation)
  3. A pre written email will be sent to Lambeth Council.

We need as many as possible to be submitted by MIDNIGHT MONDAY 15 MAY.

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