Successful BID Ballot Result

We are pleased to announce that Brixton BID has secured a successful renewal ballot and will continue to work with the business community to power Brixton for another 5 years.

Brixton BID members have voted in favour of a third term – 1st January 2024 to 31st December 2028. The yes vote means that businesses will continue to work together and will continue to invest a minimum of £2.5m to improve Brixton across the next five years.

The London Borough of Lambeth declared the successful result on Thursday 19th October 2023. With a turnout of 55%, 80% of votes in favour of the continuation of the Brixton BID and 87% in favour by rateable value.

Elly Foster & Laverne Walker, Co-Chairs of the Brixton BID stated: “We are extremely happy to have successfully secured a third term. Together, we will continue to shape the future of Brixton by creating a district that reflects the aspirations and values of all of us who call it home, by fostering business success and investing in Brixton.”

Gianluca Rizzo, Managing Director of Brixton BID, said “Our businesses have shown the BID incredible support during this renewal ballot. We would like to thank everyone who voted and backed our Powering Brixton programme. The BID is committed to ensure Brixton’s remains a distinctive destination day and night.”

We are excited to be implementing our vision for the next term and we are looking forward to continuing our work with our local businesses to celebrate and champion our Brixton.

Powering Brixton

A decade ago, Brixton businesses joined forces to harness the collective power of a single voice and created the BID. Together, we delivered a programme of improvements, we celebrated our multicultural community, and we fostered our inclusive business district. Yet, more achievements lie ahead of us with the next chapter powered by you.

In September 2023, you voted to continue our collective force for another five years by voting yes in the renewal ballot. By powering Brixton, the possibilities are endless.

Powering Business

Brixton is not just a neighbourhood; it is a manifestation of culture, resilience, and diversity. It is a place that has captured the hearts of businesses, residents and visitors alike, who are drawn to our streets, heritage, and community. Our mission is to harness this connection and channel it into driving positive change, both economically and socially.

As the Managing Director of the Brixton Business Improvement District (BID), I am excited to present our visionary plan to spark the true potential of Brixton. The emotional attachment we have to this extraordinary place drives our commitment to creating value for businesses under our unified vision for the future, Powering Brixton.

I believe businesses are the heartbeat of Brixton and your success is intricately tied to the overall prosperity of the community. By supporting small independent businesses, we nurture the unique character of Brixton and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that permeates every corner. We are committed to providing the tools, resources, and collaborative opportunities necessary to help all businesses flourish.

The vision extends beyond just economic prosperity. Powering Brixton represents a collective aspiration: a shared commitment to inclusivity, sustainability, and social justice. We recognise the historical challenges faced by marginalised communities, and we strive to address these head-on. By fostering an environment that celebrates diversity, we create a district where every business is heard, respected, and valued. Under Powering Brixton, we will implement initiatives that support businesses to thrive, foster a sense of belonging, and enhance the quality of Brixton for all. We will curate programmes that embody the spirit of the place, showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of music, art, food and drink. We will work tirelessly to improve the physical infrastructure, making Brixton more accessible, safer, and environmentally sustainable.

I feel humbled and privileged to lead this business community. Powering Brixton represents our commitment to our remarkable place and our unwavering dedication to building a district where everyone thrives. Together, we will continue to unlock the true potential of Brixton.

-Gianluca Rizzo, Managing Director, Brixton BID

Vote Yes


The BID will deliver programmes to ensure direct value is created for you and to you.


We’ll continue to make Brixton’s streets are cleaner with our additional services such as regular street sweeping, graffiti and sticker removal and seasonal jet washing.

 Safer At All Times

A safer Brixton for all, at all times. The BID is committed to ensure everyone can enjoy Brixton day and night. We’ll continue to monitor and patrol the district with our Street Team.


We’ll celebrate Brixton as a cultural destination. We’ll build on our activation programme and festivals including celebrating the first ever twinning with 125th Street BID, Harlem New York City.

 One Voice

The BID will lobby and campaign to make
Brixton’s business voice heard. Whether for local representation or national and international matters, the BID will be there for Brixton businesses.

 Culture First

We’ll put our culture first, celebrating our rich heritage and history by respecting the past, whilst shaping the future of Brixton.

 Sustainable District

With the global challenge of the climate emergency, the BID will deliver local initiatives to shift to more sustainable models and a more people friendly environment.


We’ll share with your business & Brixton relevant information face to face, in print and across our digital channels.

Your Priorities

Powering Brixton sets out a clear business plan and a strong vision for the period 2024-2028. The proposal for the BID’s third term was formed following a detailed consultation process where we asked all members to share their views.

We wanted to better understand which services are important to you and which new initiatives would add value to your business.

Our approach to the consultation included online and printed surveys, face to face interviews, targeted communication across our printed and digital monthly newsletters as well as in person workshops and direct input from the Board.

Our business plan aims to reflect the interests of all members, no matter how small or large they are. Thanks to our ongoing engagement with businesses, we believe the programme set out in this document will create additional value to all. Members will be receiving our renewal ballot proposal documents by post from late August through to early September.

About the BID

The Brixton Business Improvement District is a not-for-profit organisation fully funded and led by local businesses. Since its inception in January 2014, the Brixton BID has invested in excess of £4m between direct investment and external sources. It is managed by a committed Executive Team and overseen by Business Leaders in a voluntary capacity.

What are the Benefits of Bid Membership

Our initiatives are focussed around four themes, Enhanced Environment, Safer Day & Night, Better Business and Distinctive Destination. Businesses set the priorities which form the basis of the Brixton BID’s plan.

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