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London Business Hub recognises that SMEs and micro business owners now more than ever need access to specialist advice and support to help them have a level playing field when dealing/discussing with their commercial landlords on a range of property issues, some increasingly complex. That’s why the London Business Hub has launched a new service to help you find the right space and fully understand the costs associated with renting a property. They’re also here for you if you’re renegotiating a lease with your landlord.

Entrepreneurs and business owners taking part in the programme will have access to a series of free masterclasses on topics such as business rates, lease negotiations and more. The programme can also offer one-to-one support for your specific circumstances from expert property consultants Gerald Eve and other property professionals.

Therefore, the Property Advice Service is here to help. This program is designed to:

  • Provide FREE support and advice to London based micro and small/medium size businesses
  • Cover issues such as signing your first lease or license, renewing an existing one, rent disputes, considering going to arbitration and eviction.

The support will comprise of:

  • A series of free masterclasses on topics such as Business Rates, Lease Negotiations and more
  • Handling talks with your Local Authority on issues such as moving forward a change in planning use class and business rates
  • How to use arbitration services to break an impasse in rent negotiations with your landlord
  • Advice on how to negotiate an exit from a current lease/licence commitment
  • The provision of 1:1 sessions, lasting 1 hour, for a selected group of London based micro or small/medium size businesses with Gerald Eve (International Property Consultants) and/or other legal professionals

To take part in this programme your business needs to:

  • Have 250 or less employees (including yourself)
  • Have an annual turnover below £44m
  • Be based or trading in London

If your business meets this criteria and wish to attend a session, please complete the registration form.

For more information visit the London Business Hub website or call 07591 537448

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