Pedestrianising Brixton

Brixton BID was established to give a voice to local businesses in Brixton. The BID represents over 500 businesses, large and small, independent as well as national, with the majority being local independents. Our work is to maintain Brixton as a dynamic place to shop, live and visit.

Clean air, a healthy environment, strong support for walking and cycling are important aspects of our mission to make Brixton a sustainable destination for all. Our enhanced environment would create a safer Brixton – day and night, with better business networks, whilst celebrating Brixton as a distinctive destination.

Our vision document, ‘Brixton Playground’ is influenced by the current pandemic. It is time to radically rethink the use of our public realm, delivering accessible spaces that will enable social interactions and business activities in a safe and sustainable way. Across London, the U.K and the rest of the world, many town centres are responding and adapting to the local needs by enabling businesses to trade outdoors, whilst giving local residents the chance to enjoy their neighbourhoods safely.

The pedestrianisation of our town centre would give our green grocers, butchers, fishmongers, pubs, restaurants, bookshops, bars, market traders, fabric and gift shops, a better chance to survive through these challenging times. Many of our businesses employ local Lambeth residents who will lose their jobs if our business recovery cannot be sustained. The closures of our streets to traffic will substantially improve air quality in the area and create a greener Brixton for adults and children.

The ‘Brixton Playground’ would create spaces to bring our multicultural community together, encourage dwell time, support family activities, providing a relaxing environment for people to dine, wander, socialise and enjoy our famous town centre. We want to bring these interactions onto our streets: playing, walking, cycling, reading, a liveable, inclusive and sustainable neighbourhood for all.

This is our vision, created to start a conversation, to hear thoughts and ideas on how we can rethink our Brixton together.

Brixton’s soul is defined by its community and by its businesses. There is no Brixton without our diverse community, there is no Brixton without our vibrant businesses.

– Brixton BID

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