Pavement Licence Legislation Update

The legislation is progressing through the House of Commons, dates are expected as follows:

  • Second Reading – 6 July
  • Committee – 13 July
  • Report & Third Reading – 20 July

The advice to Businesses is currently, if you have an Existing Tables and Chairs Licence, you can apply for a renewal and this will be fast tracked where possible to allow them to operate on the footway.

If you are putting in a new application you can either apply for a Tables and Chairs Licence, although the time frame on approval will remain the same in terms of the consultation period (7-14 days) to approve, or wait for the new Pavement Licence to become available.

If there are new applications that require a use of space that is not immediately outside the premises or on a green space, businesses need to send the plans to  so that they can be accessed to help speed up applications.

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