Our Creative Wayfinding Commission

We are excited to announce a new brief for a creative wayfinding commission.

Brixton BID began its operations in January 2014 and successfully achieved a second term which started in January 2019. The BID works to deliver its proposal ‘Together for Brixton’. One of the key objectives of the BID is to celebrate Brixton as a distinctive destination.

With Brixton’s economy having recovered to pre-pandemic levels, the BID plans to support the next step in Brixton’s evolution by making sure Brixton remains a destination for all.

As part of those efforts, Brixton Business Improvement District (BID) wishes to commission an organisation to design a creative wayfinding scheme for Brixton’s town centre and to implement at least one project. The scheme should help direct visitors to key destinations in the town centre whilst celebrating the visual identity of Brixton.

The main aims of the wayfinding strategy will be to:

  • Target visitors to key landmarks and destinations in Brixton considering Brixton’s geography, built environment, and relation to other public realm projects

  • Create a project centred around orientation for visitors to Brixton

Everything you need to submit a proposal can be found in the Brief Document.

The deadline for submissions is 12pm on Wednesday 20th April 2022. If you have any questions, please contact the Brixton BID team.

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