NTIA Urge businesses and individuals to challenge Covid Passports

The Night-Time Industries Association (NTIA) are campaigning to challenge the Covid Passport for venues in the UK. NTIA say “We need to ensure that our voice is heard and must continue to drive the message home.”

NTIA state: “Following the massive implications of the governments announced mandatory Covid Passports, we are working tirelessly with other trade bodies to resolve this issue and get this mitigation off the table.”

The Government will be taking the policy to a vote within the Commons this month, and NTIA are looking to galvanise support from MP’s across parties against the measure.

Businesses and individuals wishing to support the campaign to challenge the Covid Passport can do so by writing to their MP; NTIA have created a draft letter which can be found here and can be customised to reflect your personal views on the Covid Passport, impact on your business and community.

The government said this week that plans for the scheme, which was announced in July, are still in place, which would require proof of their Covid vaccination status to gain entry to nightclubs, crowded indoor venues and events from the end of September.

Currently the NHS Covid Pass can be used by individuals to show their Covid status (having a negative test or being fully vaccinated) to attend events who choose to implement it.

More information on the campaign can be found on the NTIA website.

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