NHS Covid Passes Are Now Required for Nightclub Entry

As of 15 December, in order to visit nightclubs and large venues, you will be required to provide proof of Covid-19 status, digitally through the NHS app or online via nhs.uk, or as a letter sent to you in the post, for those who are not digitally enabled.

Proof includes:

2 doses of an approved vaccine (updated with the addition of boosters, once everyone has had a reasonable chance to get one).

• A negative PCR or rapid lateral flow test within 48 hours, or proof of exemption from vaccination or vaccination and testing, on the basis of a medical exemption or clinical trial participation.

• A valid text or email confirmation from NHS Test and Trace can also be used as proof that you have completed a negative PCR test or lateral flow test with 48 hours.

You will need to renew offline copies of your Covid pass, before using it at venues.

You should take tests as late as possible before attending an event, ideally within 12 hours. This will strengthen the protection testing provides.

The venue or event will check your COVID-19 status. If you do not meet the requirements, the responsible person is legally required to deny you entry to the venue or event.

How to get your NHS Covid Pass.

Venue Criteria for Covid Pass

Venues that meet the criteria to require Covid passes to gain entry are as follows:

  • Nightclubs

  • Dance halls

  • Discotheques

  • Are open at any point between 1am and 5am

  • Serve alcohol after 1am

  • Have a dancefloor (or space for dancing)

  • Provide music, whether live or recorded, for dancing

  • Indoor unseated venues with 500+ capacity

  • Unseated outdoor venues with 4000+ capacity

  • Any venue with more than 10, 000 capacity

For more information and updates about any recent or upcoming changes, please visit gov.uk

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