Money, Community & Me

Brixton MINT is a collaboration of long-time locals in Brixton working with a variety of partners aiming to bring innovative and collaborative community wealth building to Brixton. The intention is to unlock sustained economic development through reinforcing and/or increasing homegrown potential and
capacity at a grassroots level.

Those involved in Brixton MINT are not setting themselves out to be experts, simply competent, passionate and willing to take action in our community. They’re striving to involve everyone as much as possible and start everything they do from the ground up where they can.

Brixton MINT is organising a series of community events in response to both the short-term cost-of-living crisis, and the long-term financial disempowerment imposed on the people of Brixton.

On Saturday 19 November Brixton MINT will be hosting their first event, Money, Community & Me. From 12pm – 6pm at the Baytree Centre. It is a 3 phase grassroots project looking to address short-term and long-term financial and economic inequity in and around Brixton. Money, Community & Me will be looking at techniques that leverage the experiences and expertise of Brixton MINT partners.

Covered through the phases of the project will be: short-term financial resilience, community financial empowerment/education and long-term community financial empowerment through community organising. The eventual impact and ambition is to be able to build a local network economic resilience and empowerment embedded in the communities and culture of Brixton.

The event will:

  • Support people who are affected by the cost of living crisis with advice and social connections.
  • Connect with people who want to be active in building community financial empowerment.
  • Raise consciousness about the wide variety of financial resilience practices already in action within Brixton communities.

Why should you attend?:

  • A social and light-hearted atmosphere, to discuss real subjects.
  • Meet others in the same/similar position to you and those who can help
  • Entertainment, tasty food, creche, advice, panel discussions, real people sharing stories, networking

How will this event help?:

  • Immediately – through advice or people sharing tips, tricks and thoughts about life, money and finance.
  • In the longer term – building community resilience, through increased understanding. Brixton is full of capacity that goes to waste – work together to unlock this for the benefit of Brixton people.

Read more about Brixton MINT’s Money, Community, Me project here.

This is a FREE event. You can turn up on the day and register at the door. However, for convenience please register via Eventbrite. For more info email or Whatsapp/call/text: 07394013634.

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