SELCA Care Card

On Saturday the 13th of January 2023, the Brixton Project delivered the launch of the Care Card on behalf of the NHS South East London Cancer Alliance in partnership with the Multicultural Marketing Consultancy (MMC).

The launch was geared towards inviting community and business leaders, healthcare professionals and local residents to gather around a personal healthcare resource that serves as a vehicle for disseminating screening information  and health check milestones.

The Care Card Launch took place at Morley’s Department Store in Brixton, a much-loved local  institution, and was part of two wider campaigns to promote a community driven approach to improving the health of Lambeth’s Black communities with a particular focus on sharing information on testing and screening for Prostate and Breast cancer.

In partnership with MMC, SELCA have launched a prostate and breast cancer campaign targeting Black communities in South-East London. The campaign officially launched on the 15 January 2024 and seeks to encourage Black men aged 45+  to go to the GP practice and ask for a PSA blood test to help identify risk of  prostate cancer, and Black women aged 50+ to attend their breast screening appointment when invited. 

MMC Street Team: Care Card Distribution 

This week the MMC’s Street Team will be moving through Lambeth distributing the care cards along with poster for the campaign to local businesses across Lambeth and Southwark. Included below is a copy of the street team’s schedule for the week. We kindly ask that you could please share this widely through your network. 

If the street team does not reach particular streets in your area and if any businesses in your network would like to carry the care card. Please  get in touch with us and we will organise to have some cards delivered to you. 

Vauxhall1/22/2024Vauxhall Cross, Vauxhall Station, Vauxhall Park, South Lambeth Road, Lansdowne Way
Stockwell1/22/2024Stockwell Station, Stockwell Road, Lambeth Road, Stockwell Park Road, Little Portugal
Oval1/23/2024Oval Station
Brixton1/23/2024Brixton Road, Brixton High Street, Brixton Station, Acre Lane, Coldhabour Lane, Brixton Market, Electric Avenue, Brixton Hill
Clapham1/24/2024Clapham Road, Clapham North Station, South Lambeth Road, Clapham High Street, Clapham Station, Clapham Common
Tulse Hill1/25/2024Tulse Hill Station, Norwood Station, West Dulwich, Norwood Road, Upper Tulse Hill, Milk Wood Road, Brockwell Park
Streatham1/26/2024Streatham Hill, Streatham High Street, Streatham Common, Streatham Station

The Care Card: 

Inviting community and business leaders, healthcare professionals and local  residents, The Care Card aims to promote a community driven approach to  improving the health of Lambeth’s Black communities.  A personal healthcare resource which can sit on a counter or slot into a wallet,  The Care Card will serve as a vehicle for disseminating screening information  and health check milestones.  The Care Card will serve as a call to action and symbol of agency for members  of Lambeth’s Black communities. With collective wellbeing at its core, it encourages individuals to engage in community health together, reducing stigma and increasing motivation. 

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