Make It in Brixton launches

We are excited to support Make It in Brixton, the campaign to promote Lambeth’s first Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ), designed to bring together anyone and everyone who has a stake in Brixton’s creative community.

Brixton BID were a partner in the successful bid for Brixton to be chosen as one of the Mayor’s CEZs in 2018. We believe that our creative community must be celebrated and are an essential part of Brixton.

The creative industries are key to London’s success. they contribute £47 billion a year to the UK economy and provide one in six jobs in the capital. The creative workforce is growing four times faster than the economy as a whole, and research shows that creative jobs are 87% less likely to become automated. Creative jobs are the jobs of the future.

Artists and creatives can play an important part in incubating good growth, bringing new opportunities to an area and attracting new development. Artists move into cheap areas and help them grow and become desirable. But then they often find themselves priced out by the very success they have helped create. As the creative economy faces global competition, disrupting this cycle becomes a priority.

Creative Enterprise Zones will help the capital remain a creative and forward-looking city by securing much-needed affordable workspace, supporting areas to become or remain creative hubs and providing job and training opportunities that will ensure that the local community benefits from creative sector growth. They will ensure that artists and entrepreneurs, regardless of background, will be given the support they need and become our creative leaders of the future.

To qualify as a Mayoral Creative Enterprise Zone, local authorities have demonstrated how they will provide the following:

  • Space: Permanent, affordable, creative workspace and live-work spaces at below market rents and ensuring no net loss of space
  • Skills and support: Building entrepreneurial skills and offering business support to artists, start-ups, sole traders, micro-sized and small businesses, developing career pathways and opportunities for progression into the creative industries and supporting sectors
  • Policy: Local Plans with pro-culture policies in planning, housing, business development, technology and infrastructure, and supportive business rates policies
  • Community: Embedding creative production in communities, creating socially-inclusive places and strong links with education providers

Make It will coordinate, curate and cultivate creativity of all kinds, spanning education, training and opportunity – through to business support and local governance. It will give practitioners, educators, spaces, facilitators (and more) a common voice.

Read more about Make It and the first issue of the new online magazine now on

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