London Festival of Architecture comes to Brixton

We’re proud to announce that this year Brixton will be one of the destinations part of the the London Festival of Architecture. Funded by Brixton BID and Lambeth Council, this will be a month long celebration of architecture and city-making, running over the course of June 2023.

The LFA’s mission is to open up discussions around architecture, test new ideas and uncover and promote new talent. The programme is people-led and curated by event organisers; those who believe in the power of collaboration with the people who live, shape, and truly know London.

Each year the LFA are delighted to work alongside their Curation Panel to shape the Festival theme and programme. This year’s panel includes key figures from across the built environment and beyond, including one of The Brixton Project’s founding partners, Binki Taylor.

We have more in common than we know. But how do we create and shape the space we share: our city? How do we make the most of what we have in common – and explore the things we don’t?

‘In Common’ is a theme with multiple meanings and associations that will allow event organisers – large and small, old and new – to produce a rich and varied programme celebrating architecture on London’s public and global stage. Over the coming weeks the LFA will be publishing a series of viewpoints and reflections upon the theme.

Brixton is like nowhere else. For many it is considered the home of Black Britain, a place of firsts: Electric Avenue, the very first street in London lit by electricity; Bon Marche, the first purpose-built Department Store in the country as well as the first Marks & Spencer, to mention a few. Home to the Windrush Generation, the Uprising in 1981, radical thinkers and activities which have shaped generations. Famous for its diverse music, food and street art scene, Brixton is filled with creativity.

Underpinned by values such as inclusivity, diversity, equality and justice that are embedded, shared and celebrated every day. A place where people belong and are reflected throughout our public realm. A place twinned with Harlem’s 125th Street BID (NYC), that celebrates the common threads between these two radical communities.

Brixton is a special place. It offers something to do day and night. Whether you are visiting for the first time or you are a regular, Brixton never stops to surprise you and it stimulates all your senses. We are excited to be part of the LFA Festival this year and to share our Brixton with you.

– Gianluca Rizzo, Managing Director, Brixton BID

If you would like to be involved in the festival read more on the LFA website.

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