Lambeth Schools Patrol Needs You

Lambeth Schools Patrol is recruiting new volunteers to patrol the Central Brixton area. Supported by us and delivered by local charity Code 7, the project places trained volunteers on the high street after school to positively engage with young people in the community.

All volunteers are DBS checked and fully trained for the Brixton High Street patrols. With the aim to provide a safer transition for young people on their way home from school and help reduce after school violence during peak hours.

Potential applicants will be interviewed, evaluated and selected after successfully completing the fully accredited, transformational induction training. This includes aspects of:

  • Individual/group personal self-assessments
  • Contextual child safeguarding and risk assessment
  • Personal psychology and child development
  • Advanced first aid
  • Community, business and stakeholder referral and liaison
  • Community education, development
  • Empowerment.

The good news is 80% of first LSP trained volunteers go on to get paid employment.

For more information, please call or email Lambeth Schools Patrol:

Call/Whatsapp: 07907273710


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