Join the Lambeth Net Zero Hub

Sustainable Ventures has created The Net Zero Hub in partnership with London Borough of Lambeth. This free resource will help Lambeth based SMEs and startups on their route to a more sustainable future.

The hub provides free support starting with a self-paced Net Zero guidebook, featuring hands-on activities for your team as well as business case studies. Topics include: Introduction to Climate Change / Jargon & Terminology / Emissions 101 / Reduction & Removal / Communicating your Impact.

Online drop-in clinics are also offered, to discuss these topics further and connect with other like-minded businesses in the borough. There is also the opportunity to book in 4 hours of 1:1 sessions with an advisor to start creating your own Net Zero Strategy.

What Does the Net Zero Guidebook include:

The Net Zero guidebook is the perfect starting point for businesses embarking on their own Net Zero journey. As you read and implement, the team of experts will be on hand, with checkpoints for support and guidance along the way. This guidebook is free for Lambeth-based businesses with support from Lambeth Council’s Economic Resilience Fund.

You’ll also get:

  • Tools to understand Net Zero and your GHG emissions

  • Curated resources for easy emissions calculations

  • Practical exercises to kickstart your sustainability journey

  • Real-world examples that inspire

How to access these Resources:

  • Be registered or operating within the borough of Lambeth.

  • Ready to learn and engage with net zero commitments for your company.

This programme ends in June 2024, so sign up now! For more information about the Net Zero Hub, click here.

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