It’s a Playground – FREE Wellbeing Sessions

It’s a Playground is a mental health first aid and wellbeing training, consultancy and brand, that use basic, evidence-based wellbeing principles peppered with genuine passion, personal experience and curiosity to empower individuals and support organisations to thrive. It’s a Playground work to break down the stigma associated with mental health, whilst providing people with the knowledge and tools to look after their own wellbeing and the inspiration to do it fiercely.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and at It’s a Playground, they believe that needs to be SHOUTED about. Their aim is for everyone to be able to live their best lives and create their own playgrounds by fuelling their own optimal mindset.

By inspiring humans and organisations to look after their WHOLE health, and that of their companies and communities in a more effective, holistic, and sustainable way, It’s a Playground hope to empower people to reach their potential and for the world to, ultimately, be a more inclusive and amazing place to live.

They work with their clients to identify their specific needs in the wellbeing and social inclusion space and then design and execute innovative and creative programmes to meet these needs. Answer their questions and teach them how to address their challenges themselves and spread their knowledge to their communities and networks, wherever possible.

They also offer a selection of interactive, specialist run wellbeing sessions and internationally recognised and accredited courses such as Adult and Youth Mental Health and Suicide First Aid to help them achieve their goals.

Free Wellbeing Sessions

As a part of their Locals Support Locals campaign, It’s a Playground are offering FREE monthly online wellbeing sessions, to people living or working in Lambeth. These are sessions that are usually run privately to organisations to help their people thrive.

This is a great way for Lambeth organisations to be able to offer affordable wellbeing sessions to their teams.

Upcoming 2022 Sessions:

  • 4th February – 9 am
  • 18th March – 8:30 am
  • 4th April – 9 am
  • 9th May – 9 am
  • 6th June – 9 am

Lambeth locals can register here, where they can pick a time slot. The full list of dates for the rest of the year is also available. You will also be asked for your postcode (work or home) and to confirm you’re over the age of 16.

During these sessions you will be encouraged to share the information and tools you receive with the community, so that It’s a Playground can continue to expand their reach.

Organisations outside of Lambeth can purchase tickets to the events.

Pop Brixton

It’s a Playground also has an office in Pop Brixton, so if you’re interested in finding out more about their story or services, please check them out. Their opening hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

If you’d like them to work outside of normal hours (they work varying hours and days when required) just get in touch at Alternatively you can contact the founder of It’s a Playground directly at for more wellbeing tips and resources.

You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter or connect with them on

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