Innovate Now, is Back!

The Do it Now Now, Innovate Now programme is back and round 2 is now open.

Do it Now Now is collaborating with City Bridge Foundation to deliver a cutting-edge enterprise development programme, supporting Black-led charities and social enterprises.

The Innovate Now with City Bridge Foundation programme provides Black-led charities and enterprises with £12,000 grant funding, bespoke support and £3,000 in compensated capacity building. The initiative will help organisations build financial resilience and operational readiness, increase your chances of raising social investment and create a sustainable future for your organisation.

The application is an expression of interest (EOI) and is only a maximum 1500 words across 6 main questions (each up to 250 words).

Please note:

(A) Organisations must be generating an annual income between £30k and £150k 

(B) Organisations must be able to provide at least the last 1 year accounts submitted to Companies House/Charity Commission.

The fund will be disbursed in 3 rounds, after a review of all expressions of interest, that are submitted within the time period for each round. 

  • Round 1: opens 8 November 2023, closes 10 January 2024 
  • Round 2: opens 5 March 2024, closes 9 May 2024
  • Round 3: opens  1 October 2024, closes 4 December 2024

For more information, visit the Innovate Now website or Apply now

DEADLINE Thursday 9 May 2024.

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