Important Notice to Market Traders

Lambeth Council have written to Market Traders today to explain changes to the markets due to coronavirus.

These changes include:

  • All trading from isolated pitches will cease with immediate effect.
  • All trading on Tunstall Road will cease with immediate effect.
  • All trading on Brixton Market will cease will immediate effect, apart from those permanent traders for who fruit and vegetables are already listed as a commodity on the current street trading license only, who will be allowed to continue to trade with added conditions. Conditions include: Social Distancing to be observed, ensuring customers are not gathering in groups, a distance of at least 4 metres maintained between pitches, trading limited to fresh fruit and vegetables only, no prepared food to be offered for sale, through hand washing is undertaken regularly, added protective measures such as wearing gloves are put in place, pitches are cleaned and contactless payment is taken where possible. The conditions are listed in full in the letter below.

Lambeth Council do not have email addresses for all of their traders. Please contact the Markets and Street Trading department to provide their up to date contact details on

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