Health & Wellbeing Bus Tackling Health Inequality

Age UK Lambeth is working alongside the Health and Wellbeing bus to tackle health inequality across the borough. This new initiative is looking to connect workers with health services across the borough, offering referrals through our new Wellbeing Champion. If your workers have any health concerns, please put them in contact with the Wellbeing Champion!

We’re also looking for businesses to work alongside us, helping to host events where workers are offered rudimentary health checks by the Wellbeing bus (BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, mental health) and signposted to appropriate resources. These events would not cost your business anything. We would only need space nearby in order to park the Health and Wellbeing bus.

If your staff ask for health support, we can help. Please inquire if you’re interested, as your assistance will help us to tackle a widening health gap within the borough.

Businesses of interest:

  • Industrial business (e.g. manufacturing, packaging, distribution, etc.)
  • Business operated by workers with worse health outcomes (e.g. staff on minimum wage or zero hour contracts, BME people, disabled people)
  • Hospitality
  • But all inquiries are welcome

If you are interested in participating contact Nicholas Dypoldt, Wellbeing Champion via email:

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