Brixton X Harlem Festival

Building on our BID Twinning with Harlem’s 125th Street BID, we are excited to inform you that, following a successful funding application, we will be running the Brixton X Harlem Festival this Summer to celebrate the common threads between the two places.

Our festival

This August we will be exploring the common threads between Brixton and Harlem, through business twinning and individual projects we will be showcasing our businesses through talks, events, exhibitions and more!

Activities are already underway with Brixton Brewery creating a limited edition brew in partnership with Harlem Brewing Company; Market Row Rum are working on a speciality cocktail; local restaurants will are experimenting with dishes for Harlem inspired menus.

Business Survey

We want every business in Brixton to be involved in the festival, which will increase footfall, spend and the status of Brixton, locally, nationally and globally. We want to hear all your ideas so that we can work together to make this an unforgettable moment in Brixton’s history. You could host a special menu or create a Harlem cocktail, perhaps you will programme an exhibition, design a club night or host a talk that speaks to the crossovers between these two diverse and distinctive destinations. Tell us your ideas by filling out our simple expression of interest form.

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A bond across the pond

A first of its kind twinning joins two important Business Improvement Districts (BID) between two radical communities of colour. Both BIDs are located in communities with a long and rich history of being the epicentres for a convergence of diversity, informed by a high percentage of its population being of African descent, representing various parts of the diaspora, living and working within the BID’s borders.

Our BID Twinning

The two BIDs were forged out of almost identical principles and values such as equality, togetherness and social justice. Their mission reflects this: to improve the quality of life for residents of their respective communities by improving the economic health and well-being of the community, and by creating programs that reflect the vibrancy and history of the people and the neighbourhood.

Press Release
125th Street BID, Harlem

Harlem (NYC) and Brixton (London) share a number of common traits beyond the socio-demographical makeup of their neighbourhoods. These two communities share similar history, social issues including inequities and crime, and in recent years, both have experienced a rapid socio-economic transformation, which many reference as gentrification due to the new influx of wealthy individuals moving into the area.

125th Street BID
Canvas for Change

In 2020, community residents in Harlem found themselves battling two major crises simultaneously – the pandemic and the demand for social justice. Understanding the overwhelming pain the community was grappling with, the 125th Street BID created the Harlem Canvas for Change. With the help of local business owners, plywood canvases, painted black, began popping up around the neighborhood with an invitation to all who wanted to express themselves, to fill the empty canvases with their messages.

Canvas for Change in Brixton
Lamp Post Banners

Both BIDs have created a community Street Lamp Banner Project. These banners have already begun to appear in Brixton and in Harlem, and will soon go up across the 125th Street BID’s boundary. The Harlem 125th St. BID has partnered with the National Black Commission on Health, City University of New York School of Public Health, Blick Art Materials and the local owner of Settepani restaurant to produce a series of banners with reinforcing messages around health, safety, and social justice issues.

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