Brixton BID Launches New Go Before You Go Campaign

Brixton BID is launching its latest anti-street urination campaign.

The Brixton BID has, together with Brixton Brewery, commissioned new posters and beer mats to be distributed to Brixton’s hospitality businesses to raise awareness around street urination.

The campaign, designed by local creative company and social enterprise Champion Agency, was created by Brixton BID – Brixton’s Business Improvement District.

Michael Smith, Brixton BID Managing Director said: “Street urination is the scourge of Brixton. The Brixton BID is intent on working with other partners to manage and eradicate the street urination issue. This campaign follows our splashback paint programme last year. The BID already delivers additional policing, cleaning, and greening and this campaign will work towards deterring street urination in Brixton.”

Jez Galaun, Brixton Brewery co-founder said: “We are proud to be supporting the excellent work of Brixton BID, taking practical steps to keep Brixton a great place for visitors, businesses and residents alike.”

Brixton BID has been involved in campaigns since its inception in 2014 to raise awareness about the street urination problem and lobby for more public toilets and enforcement. One such campaign was the successful trial of coating walls with a revolutionary super-hydrophobic treatment provided by Liquiproof in 2016.

Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, Lambeth Cabinet Member for Environment & Housing, said: “Peeing in the street, at whatever time of day or night and however discreetly people think they are doing it, is disgusting and there is no excuse for it. I welcome the Brixton BID campaign to encourage people to use the toilets of whatever venue they are in, and their work on tackling this issue alongside our street teams and enforcement teams in the council. We have recently improved signage to all the toilet provision in Brixton and we will continue to take a zero-tolerance approach to those found urinating in the street, with fines being dished out by our environmental enforcement officers.”


You can find posters and beer mats in hospitality venues across Brixton.

Join Brixton BID’s anti-urination campaign. You can help by going before you go.