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EVIE our Electric Van

EVIE has now returned from the garage and is ready to be booked by you.

If you would like to use the Electric Van

Step 1. Fill in this form Brixton BID Brixton Shared Electric Vehicle Hire Agreement (1) and email it to Brixton BID and Zipcar (

Step 2. Sign up with Zipcar (free membership for a year for new users):

Step 3. Book your free time slot and pick up the vehicle at its dedicated parking bay on Pulross Road.

Journeys may be charged when booking the van however Zipcar will ensure trips are fully refunded.

All users are able to check when the van is in use during a specific time frame: Simply search by address/postcode and vehicle model (Renault Kangoo) and tick “My time is Flexible” box. The system will display when vehicle is in use or free.

All users can access a summary of their Zipcar usage by selecting “Trips” under the main browser view or selecting “Menu – My Trips” via mobile app. The “Billing” section will provide a similar summary and adding all charge details.

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