Finance For Freelancers: How To Invest In Your Future

Worried about your pension? Unsure about investing? Intimidated by the stock market? Don’t panic — this workshop will explain the steps that you need to take in order to make the most of the market and spend little time worrying about the ups and downs.

Financial expert Ana de la Quintana will help you to better understand the different asset classes you can invest in; including commodities, currencies or even crypto. You’ll discover what the risks are, and how the rewards relate to those risks.
Ana will explain the nature of each asset class, and the emotional strength needed to make the most of the markets. We will discuss the golden rules of investing such as diversification, habit and perseverance, the power of compounding or reversion to the mean…
And if you don’t know what any of those words mean, don’t worry. This will be a clear and simple workshop that will make investing accessible to all — whether you’re new to the market or you’ve been investing for years.
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Wednesday 21st February 2024, 6pm at Impact Brixton (Doors at 5:30pm)

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