CRP Lunchtime Launch Event

Join Cross River Partnership on Thursday 30th September at 1:15pm – 2:00pm, for their ninth Lunchtime Launch event – Climate Effects: The Benefits of Greening – to discuss climate adaptation strategies and the advantages of greening infrastructure in cities.

During the event, CRP will be sharing guidance from its latest report – ‘Greening Out the Grey: The value of Green Infrastructure for People and Places’, which was created as part of the Healthy Streets Everyday project. A Mayor of London Air Quality Fund initiative to empower boroughs, businesses and communities across London to deliver pedestrian priority healthy streets, increase walking rates and reduce emissions and exposure to toxic air.

The report looks towards a greener future for London, including case study examples and recommendations of implementing greening infrastructure to improve air quality, heat resilience and cooling, flooding and drainage, and green social prescribing.

London’s physical environment is becoming more extreme, with warmer weather, more flooding events, and poor air quality. Greening can contribute to healthier, more pleasant streets, whilst also providing significant environmental, social, economic, and cultural benefits at a relatively low cost.

The speakers will be:

  • Fiona Coull – Project Manager at Cross River Partnership, will be presenting on greening in urban areas and the Healthy Streets Everyday programme.
  • Ben Connor – Senior Policy and Programmes Officer at Greater London Authority, will be presenting
    on the role of green infrastructure in supporting climate adaptation, and opportunities for funding
    solutions in areas of London which have high climate risk

The main learning points from this session include:

  • How mapping in London can present areas most susceptible to the effects of climate change, and how these areas are related to demographics.
  • The benefits and importance of greening in cities.
  • How London-based organisations can combat climate issues through public realm interventions.

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