Conversation & Community

Conversation and Community is a community-centred event which brings together the Spanish, Portuguese and English speaking communities of Brixton. A mix of native speakers and people who want to learn means it’s an opportunity to make new friends and practise real life language skills to the backdrop of some good food and music. Anyone is welcome from total beginners to advanced levels.

The event gives people an opportunity to practice in a laid back, warm environment with others in the community.

  • Thursday 28th March 2024
  • At El Rancho de LaloBuckner Road from 7-9pm.
  • Tickets are £8.18
  • The event is FREE for Spanish and Portuguese native speakers

El Rancho de Lalo has long been a staple of Brixton’s thriving community, founded in 2011 in Brixton market, it’s a place that brings homemade Colombian cooking and culture to the people of south London. Lalo himself will be at the event serving some of their tasty empanadas, beers and Colombian juices. 

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El Rancho De Lalo, Brixton