Building Diverse & Inclusive Businesses: THRIVE, Impact Brixton

Building Diverse & Inclusive Businesses with Zing Learning

Creating an inclusive business where diversity can thrive and everyone feels they belong is no longer just a priority for large corporate organisations, it’s now a necessity for SME’s, start-ups and scale-ups as a way to futureproof their business. Here’s why:

  • Diverse companies are 33% more profitable than companies that lack diversity
  • 85% of CEOs whose organisations have a D&I strategy say it has enhanced business performance
  • 54% of employers say diversity is crucial to ensure that they are doing business ethically
  • 67% of job seekers say workplace diversity is an important factor when considering employment opportunities

For the first time in history we are about to have 5 different generations working together.

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is about creating real belonging and that means creating spaces where people are able to be authentically them, do their best work and reach their potential; which is exactly what we teach you in this live and interactive workshop.

During this bitesize session, you will be taken on a journey of discovery around ways to use D&I best practices to futureproof your business. Here are some of the reasons to join us:

  • Increase your team’s performance & loyalty
  • Gain a competitive advantage over your rivals
  • Attract, retain & develop untapped talent
  • Reconnect with your customers & their communities

You will leave with new techniques, tips, tools and a customised step-by-step guide on how to integrate these practices into your current business strategy.

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