Emancipation Day Protest – 1 August 2023

We have been informed by Lambeth Council that there will be Emancipation Day protests taking place in Brixton Town Centre, tomorrow 1 August 2023.

The protest seeks for the Government to make take steps to review and act on the case put forward in relation to reparations in relation to displacement and repatriation.

The event has not been authorised by the Council; however, they are committed to assuring the maintenance of a safe environment and where possible minimise disruption.

We advise any local businesses that could be impacted by the protest, to please take steps to ensure the welfare of your staff by briefing them on the upcoming occurrence of the protest and that surface transport services could be severely impacted by due to diversions. It would be advisable that you take adequate steps to prepare and enact any business continuity/ disruption mitigatory measures that you have in place.

If you encounter serious issues in relation to crime or medical emergencies, please call 999; however, if there are local issues you wish to report including ASB please call 0207 926 5000 or click here to report issues online.

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