ELEVATE Careers is part of Lambeth’s mission to open up career development opportunities in the creative and cultural sector to every young person in the borough. The programme is being designed with employers interested in diversifying their workforce and experiencing the value of a hyper-creative generation.

Lambeth Council want to support opportunities for 16-30-year-olds living, working or studying in Lambeth, with a view to them finding work, progression routes and careers in the cultural and creative industries. A first round of funding is now available for organisations that can provide new opportunities and vocational pathways for young people.

Arts consultancy Counterculture is working with Lambeth Council to develop an ELEVATE Careers partnership network and create impactful opportunities for participants. Following a successful pilot project, ELEVATE Careers will run alongside ELEVATE Education and ELEVATE Neighbourhoods as a combined flagship programme for Lambeth.

The future success of the creative and cultural industries depends on the way new talent is recruited and nurtured. Lambeth are looking at fresh recruitment approaches and a range of ways to connect diverse talent with forward-looking employers.

You can download the application form and guidance documents
here. Applications close on 29th April 2022 at 5pm.

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