Draft Site Allocations Development Plan – Have Your Say!

Lambeth Council are seeking your views on the Draft Lambeth Site Allocations Development Plan Document (SADPD). Following on from the adoption of the Lambeth Local Plan in 2021, the Draft SADPD includes site-specific planning policies for fourteen sites in Lambeth, distributed across the borough.

Once adopted, the SADPD will become part of the statutory development plan for Lambeth and will help deliver new homes and workspaces, secure benefits for communities and improve the quality of places and the environment in Lambeth.

Out of the 14 sites, three of which are in Brixton:

330 – 336 Brixton Road

330 – 336 Brixton Road

Some of the potential changes for this site include:

  • Potential to provide improved accommodation for existing users, including offices for the WeAre336 hub of voluntary and community sector organisations, plus SLAM NHS clinical facilities and associated ancillary space.

  • Retention of light industrial workspace on the site will make a significant contribution to the Brixton Creative Enterprise Zone.

  • Potential to create new housing and affordable housing.

  • New development can positively contribute to place-shaping; enhancing the townscape and visual attractiveness of the site, improving the environment for pedestrians through the reduction in vehicle cross-overs, and introducing soft landscaping to the Brixton Road frontage to improve visual amenity, air quality and sustainable urban drainage.

  • Winans Walk has potential to be reinstated as a residential street through the creation of a defensible street boundary and dedicated footways at the rear of the site.

  • Some of the key features of the Brixton Road Conservation Area can also be reinstated, including the historic building line, street boundary treatments and soft-landscaped front gardens.

Tesco, Acre Lane

Tesco, Acre Lane

​ Some of the potential changes for this site include:

  • Re-provide a supermarket for the town centre in addition to new homes, including affordable housing.

  • High quality design, to address the current poor appearance of the site.

  • A widened footway and increased activity on and around Acre Lane, to improve community safety.

  • Significant potential for enhanced urban greening and biodiversity.

​51-56 Effra Road

51-56 Effra Road

​ Some of the potential changes for this site include:

  • High-quality, mixed-use development that can contribute replacement community facilities and place of worship.

  • New workspace and jobs within the Brixton Creative Enterprise Zone.

  • New housing and affordable housing within an existing residential neighbourhood, all within walking and cycling distance of Brixton town centre.

  • Improvements to the quality of the Rush Common open space, with new green space and trees to improve amenity and air quality and assist with sustainable urban drainage in an area at risk of surface water flooding.

  • New buildings will reinstate the historic building line along Effra Road, respect local views and preserve or enhance the setting of the Brixton Conservation Area and other nearby heritage assets. It will provide a strong sense of place, with a unified architectural character that reflects and enhances the local distinctiveness of this part of Brixton.

Draft SADPD Process and Timetable

The consultation closes 11pm on 22 February 2022. You can respond to the proposed plans of these sites and the others, at the commonplace website. Here you can find more information about this project, including background information, maps and a chance to read more about each site individually.

Alternatively, you can respond to this consultation by sending an email to SADPD@lambeth.gov.uk.

All comments will be given full consideration prior to the next version of the draft. That version will be accompanied by a consultation report, setting out a response to the written comments made at this stage.

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