Community Safety on BBC London

Earlier this month, Gianluca Rizzo, our Managing Director and Elly Foster, Co-Chair of our Board were interviewed on BBC London about community safety and policing. They talked about one of our initiative that were put in place to support our business community with safety. Our Street Team were introduced in August 2021 to support our business community, they work five days a week in shift patterns that cover busier hours. Since introducing the team, they have been involved in joint patrols, supported our businesses in increasing reports of business crime, strengthening relationships with Safer Business Network and more.

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Dare to Share Meeting in The Times

Our October 2023 meeting was covered by The Times and featured in a larger article exploring the current landscape for businesses in Brixton. Members of the business community highlighted the challenges currently facing those trading, Gianluca Rizzo, our Managing Director added “Having a uniformed police presence on the streets responding to and acting on concerns is key for any business community. The problem’s we are experiencing cannot be solved by police alone. Years of cuts to public services have resulted in more issues on the street, not just theft and robberies.”

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Dare to Share Meeting 2024

In January we hosted the next Dare to Share event in Pop Brixton. Chaired by Gianluca Rizzo, Managing Director Brixton BID, the meeting agenda will be: – What do we know about Business Crime? – Ojay McDonald, ATCM – Reporting Business Crime – Alessandra Valencic, Safer Business Network – Business Crime in Brixton: A discussion with Chief Inspector Ashlee Gomes The Dare to Share series addresses the on-going local issues affecting businesses in Brixton. This is an opportunity for Brixton businesses to meet the local police team and representatives from Lambeth Council regarding on-going crime, shoplifting, and anti-social behaviour issues across the town centre. Businesses in attendance shared their on-going issues with crime and anti-social behaviour in Brixton.

Dare to Share Meeting 2023

On Monday 9 October 2023 we held a meeting with local businesses, representatives from the Met Police and Lambeth Council to discuss the crime and anti social behaviour issues our business community is facing. Held at Pop Brixton, the meeting was attended by representatives from hospitality, retail, traditional produce, independent and national Brixton-based businesses who are all facing an increase in business crime. We continue to lobby the Met Police and Lambeth Council for a swift response to the current issues facing Brixton. We will be continuing the Dare to Share series and are organising a meeting for November 2023.

Read more about the meeting on Brixton Blog.

Dare to Share: Reporting Retail Crime Conference 2023

“Being physically or verbally attacked should never be part of anyone’s job but the findings of the BRC Annual Crime Survey sadly echo what we’re hearing at the Retail Trust, with thousands of people telling us they are being shouted at, spat on, threatened and hit at work.” – Chris Brook-Carter, Chief Executive of Retail Trust Brixton BID and Safer Business Network hosted a retail crime conference with presentations from Boots Pharmacy, Morleys Department Store, the Met Police, Tesco and British Retail Consortium.

Brixton BID Street Team

Our Street Team is here to assist in business crime prevention, violence against staff, damage against property, shoplifting and reporting anti-social behaviour. They act as ambassadors for Brixton. Our Street Team patrol the BID area to monitor and report local public realm issues, liaise with local partners such as LB Lambeth, Safer Business Network BCRP, Metropolitan Police and others. They work in shift patterns to cover day and night. You can contact them using the below numbers. In some instances they may be contactable immediately, our phones are not constantly monitored, please allow time for the team to get back to you. If you need urgent support, please dial 999 or 101. Call us on 02034 177 373.

Contact the Team

Safer Business Network BCRP

Working with businesses, LB Lambeth and the Metropolitan Police to make Lambeth a safer place. If you are a member of Safer Business Network, please report all business crime related issues to the BCRP team. They can be contacted through the Alert! app, via the BCRP radio or via email.

Email our BCRP officer

How to Report Business Crime

To help you report crime and anti-social behaviour to relevant agencies we have created a easy to use sheet which explains how different crimes should be reported.

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