Cyber Protect Your Business for Free

The Metropolitan Police Cyber Protect team deliver cyber security awareness training across Greater London, including the Borough of Brixton.

When it comes to cyber security, prevention is better than a cure.  The Met’s Cyber Protect Team are experts in how you can deter cyber criminals by make your business a harder target for fraudsters and cyber criminals.

We are taxpayer funded to deliver training to any of the following audiences:

  • Businesses with fewer than 250 employees,
  • Charities,
  • Schools, medical practices and other public bodies

If you are one of the above, then you can receive any of our training packages at no cost to your business.  As long as you have a space for the audience, we will come to you, so you can make the most out of your working day.

Our free services include:

  • Cyber awareness presentations

One of our engaging experts will provide a presentation on the fundamentals of cyber security for your general users, or your business leaders.  We can deliver these in person or remotely.

  • Cyber escape room

Our gamified learning experience will raise staff awareness about how to support your security.

  • Investing in Infrastructure

Our cyber leadership exercise will help you learn the foundations about how to protect your business from cyber incidents.

  • NCSC Exercise in a box

Our team are well versed in moderating the National Cyber Security Centre’s discussion based exercise.  This discussion is perfect for you and your leadership team to prepare your business for specific types of cyber-attack.

You can see our full menu of free services and our booking form at:

We also have a range of videos, booklets and leaflets providing elementary advice the cyber fundamentals, which you can find at:

Our partners

Cyber Resilience Centre for London

For more ongoing support with keeping your business secure online, the Cyber Resilience Centre for London is here to help. They are an impartial not-for-profit organisation focused on empowering people to take simple actions that can help make their businesses safer.

They translate the latest threat intelligence and cyber security guidance into easy-to-understand language and practical steps to help get you started on your resilience journey. You can join the community for free and you’ll receive a monthly newsletter to help you keep on top of your security.

Learn more at:

Police Cyber Alarm

Police Cyber Alarm (PCA) is like a burglar alarm for your company IT.  A data collector connects to your firewalls allowing the PCA team to see which suspicious IP addresses are trying to connect to your systems.  No matter what time of day or night PCA will be monitoring your networks, and if you are attacked police will contact you so you can deal with the incident.  You will also receive a monthly report about any scanning attempts made against your network, and any vulnerabilities they have found in systems.

Learn more at:

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