Cost of Living Survey

Brixton Advice Centre (BAC) are doing an anonymous survey so that they can better understand the particular issues you and our community are facing, campaign for change, and better target and develop much needed advice services around the borough.

BAC is collaborating with Centre 70 in this and trying to reach as many people as possible and from every walk of life.

Times are hard for many right now, and getting harder – they want to make sure they’re playing our part and how you answer can help them do that.

What will they do with the collected data?

  • use it internally to think about how they might change their current services or design new ones that could more useful to people in Lambeth

  • produce reports showing summaries of what the people who completed it were most concerned about and any insights they are able to work out from that data

  • share these fully anonymous reports with other charities and stakeholders in Lambeth in order to inform discussions on responding to the cost of living increases and to help them think about how they can improve things for you too

  • where we think new services or initiatives are necessary to help you manage the increasing cost of living, or changes to existing ones, we will use the data to demonstrate this to funders and decision-makers, explaining why it is important they help us or others to tackle it

There is no set end date because they will be analysing responses on an ongoing basis

As well as being able to complete it online, they will be completing it over the telephone and face-to-face with anyone who might otherwise not be able to access it.

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