Call for Tender for Street Team Services

We are excited to announce a call for tender for a new Street Team initiative.

Brixton BID began its operations in January 2014 and successfully achieved a second term which started in January 2019. The BID works to deliver its proposal ‘Together for Brixton’. One of the key objectives of the BID is to make Brixton a safer place, day and night.

With COVID-19 still being a concern for everyone, the BID plans to support the local recovery by making sure that Brixton remains a destination for all.

As part of our efforts to increase safety and reduce crime in the area, Brixton BID is looking to introduce a new Street Team service through the appointment of a specialist company for the delivery of a uniformed street team scheme composed of SIA-registered officers. The main aims of the Street Team will be:

  • Engaging on daily basis with our business members across the BID area
  • Collecting, providing and sharing useful local knowledge and intelligence including assisting members to prevent crime against property, shop-lifting and reporting anti-social behaviour
  • Meeting and assisting consumers, visitors, employees and residents across Brixton
  • Patrolling the BID area to monitor and report local public realm issues 
  • Liaising with local partners such as LB Lambeth, Safer Lambeth BCRP, Met Police and others whilst executing their tasks

The service required is somewhat unique but is akin to a combination of customer service, stewarding and retail and leisure industry security. The Street Team will spend the majority of their time outdoors and will be required to perform their duties for a minimum of 80 hours per week and in all weather conditions.

The Street Team will be acting as ambassadors of the Brixton BID by engaging on daily basis with the local business community. They will be acting as the BID’s eyes and ears on the ground and carry out their role within the BID area and surrounding areas where appropriate. For these reasons, their actions are constantly in the public eye and can come under intense scrutiny.

Everything you need to submit a proposal can be found in the Tender Document.

Deadline for submissions in 12pm on Monday 12 April 2021. If you have any questions please contact the Brixton BID team.

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