Brixton Music Trail

We invite you to join us on a music trail around Brixton on Saturday 20 November 2021 from 3pm.

How to play:

  • Using your map and clues, find the hidden musicians around Brixton and collect a stamp from each place to uncover the final top secret location where the whole orchestra will reunite to play a very special performance at 6pm.
  • Players of all ages are welcome and it’s free to take part! The music trail starts at 3pm and the final secret performance will take place at an unexpected location in the heart of Brixton at 6pm.
  • For more clues follow @brixchamber and @brixtonbid on Instagram or Twitter.


  1. For over 40 years it has made us Whole, Brixton’s community recently saved the day and paid the toll.
  2. Located in the heart of Brixton where the harbour meets the hill, a place of significant importance to Brixton’s history.
  3. The glitz and glamour of Brixton old, renewed for pictures and stories to unfold.
  4. A Brixton institution of secondhand books, the dog dressed like Bowie is where you should look.
  5. The spine of Brixton. A place that shows the status quo, or to get your bits and bobs in a row.
  6. Somewhere under the rainbow, cornered by electricity, a reliable place of eccentricity.
  7. On the first floor of a legendary store, sounds like chicken but offers much more!
  8. A rolling stone with a new bag, this hidden park is just off the beaten track!
  9. Flanked by police and the Academy, medieval windows welcome your charity.

Need a map – we have maps at each location or you can find one here.

Struggling to find the musicians? Here is a cheat sheet to help!

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