Brixton Business Culture & Community List

The Brixton Business Culture and Community List (the “BCC List”) is a new newsletter that Impact Brixton are sponsoring, built to boost the business community and strengthen the entrepreneurial culture in Brixton.

The BCC List gives locals the lowdown on job opportunities, funding options for entrepreneurs, productivity tools and general business advice, and a round-up of the business news in Brixton and beyond. And thanks to Impact Brixton’s strong links with the Brixton community, it also includes a growing list of exclusive discounts for local Brixton businesses.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with an idea you’re burning to get off the ground, or a local Brixtonian searching for a discount code for your favourite restaurant, this newsletter is vital for anyone living, working or just vibing in Brixton.

Subscribe for weekly posts, and share it with the rest of the community! They’re currently over 5000 subscribers and actively growing, so it’s a great opportunity to connect to the wider business network. Join now!

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