Brixton BID Training is Back!

We have now switched over to E-learning in partnership with Inn Training.

The Highfield Learning Management System will allow learners to log in to access their courses and track progress.  The Learning Management System has been created with the needs of a business in mind; it reduces the time and effort required to administer training and features detailed reports on training progress.

Personal Licence and First Aid are not completely online, as there has to be some practical such as being able to demonstrate CPR, and recovery positions. However, these exams will be scheduled at a later date, where you can come and take the test.

Our first courses are:

  • First Aid Level 2 – Wednesday 22nd April 2020
  • Customer Services Level 2 –  Wednesday 29th  April 2020

If you were already enrolled in the upcoming courses or have interest please email with your preferred course, email address, D.O.B, and full name.

Registration for these training days closes on Thursday 16th April.

You will later receive an email with a website link and login details to access the course.

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