Brixton BID Discounts Levy for the Next Two Years

The Brixton BID is offering an across-the-board discount of 15% on their levy to businesses for 2017 and 2018.

In addition, the BID is also raising the threshold for eligible levy payers. Businesses must now achieve a rateable value of £8,000 to be eligible for the Brixton BID levy — an increase in the threshold from £5,000, reflecting the 160% increase in rateable value businesses are set to face in Brixton.

Business below the rateable value are still eligible to benefit from services provided by the Brixton BID by a decision to become a part of the Business Club with an annual membership fee of £75.

Co-chairs of the Brixton BID, Elly Foster (Satay Bar) and Laverne Walker (Sackville Travel), had this to say on the announcement, “It felt right to raise the levy threshold so that a number of smaller businesses will not be required to pay a BID levy at all and could access our services (training, additional services, marketing) as business club members of the BID.

“We also wanted to alleviate some of the pain of increased costs for the businesses by giving a further across-the-board discount of 15% on all our BID levy bills for 2017 and 2018. This would still allow us to continue the great work achieved in recent years but without adding to the burden of the current increased business costs to our members.”

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