Brixton BID COVID-19 Update

Brixton BID has been actively monitoring the situation in the UK and following the government’s directive about delaying the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation has been evolving on a daily basis.

To this effect, we are adopting the following measures immediately:

  • From today, 16th March 2020, we will be encouraging our executive staff to work remotely when possible and to implement physical distancing strategies to keep safe. We will reassess these strategies weekly and will be informed by further updates from the CDC, WHO, and government directives about the situation.
  • Some of our services and meetings will be suspended. Our partners and key stakeholders will be kept informed on our proposed strategy to manage this situation. 
  • Our board meeting originally scheduled for Tuesday 17th March has been postponed.
  • This suspension includes our certified training, those booked onto training on the 18th March 2020 will have received an email update informing them of this cancellation. All cancellations will be rescheduled for a date in the future. We recommend that BID members check our website and social media for the latest information.
  • Our staff members will be contactable via email and telephone messages will be picked up daily. The BID will continue to be operational during business hours, Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 17:30. All staff will have access to documents remotely and will, electively, attend some appointments already booked but will aim to avoid large and/or lengthy meetings. Brixton BID will continue to make scheduled payments to all our suppliers for services already received. We have a business continuity plan in place which will allow us to carry on with our duties with minimal disruption to processes. 
  • Please find the latest information from the NHS using the following link.

We will continue to work in the background to make necessary adjustments to our work and operations and seeking ways to maintain the value we give our members, whilst still upholding the health and wellbeing of both our BID members and employees. In the meantime, we are still running some projects and will keep members informed of any developments with our activities.

COVID-19 Information:

Finally, we will continue to keep you updated on all the current official guidance and basic advice regarding COVID-19. 

  • Please find COVID-19: GUIDANCE FOR EMPLOYERS AND BUSINESSES. The guidance will help you with advice on how to prevent spread and what actions to take if staff come into contact with someone who is self-isolating or is a possible or confirmed case of COVID-19. 
  • You can also find the wider government Coronavirus (COVID-19) action plan here
  • UK Hospitality guidance document can be found here and you can stay up-to-date with their current advice via their website.

How to contact us:

You will be able to reach us via or contact our staff directly through their personal email addresses. We will be able to hold meetings via online platforms when necessary, and will be providing updates on our social media channels Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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