Black Voices on Policing

On 13 November 2020, the Mayor of London published his Action Plan to improve trust and confidence in the Metropolitan police. The Action Plan addressed community concerns about the disproportionate use of police powers affecting Black Londoners. However, data collected by the Mayor’s Office
for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) illustrates the continued lack of trust and the absence of Black community voices in the local engagement mechanisms with policing.

The recent and historic cases of disproportionate use of police powers demonstrate once again the urgent need for a strong, visible, accountable, and representative mechanism through which all communities – and particularly Black communities can hold the police accountable for their actions. Further improvements are needed if Black communities are to have a meaningful influence on reducing the disproportionate impact of stop and search, detainment under the Mental Health Act and the use of police force.

MOPAC commissioned Black Thrive Global and PSi in June 2022 to hold a public consultation with London’s Black communities about local police engagement and scrutiny. This consultation process adds value to continued efforts by MOPAC and the many activists and organisations that continue to advocate on this agenda.

Watch the video below to find out more.

Blueprints are created by architects to give direction for what should be built, they ensure the essentials are incorporated into a build. Black communities should be the architects for how Black communities are policed. Black people know from their personal and shared experiences what is essential to build trust with the police. Ideas from Black people must be incorporated into the blueprints for local engagement to work, and for the successful scrutiny and safe policing of Black communities.

During the remainder of October and November, they will be creating space for Black communities and allies to come together to redefine the blueprint for community engagement and scrutiny of policing.

To get involved, you can show up to a meeting, details of the locations can be found on the Black Voices on Policing microsite, here. If you can’t attend a meeting, join an online discussion. Don’t forget to fill out the Call for
Evidence survey.

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